1+0 – One sided black and white print
1+1 – Two sided black and white print
4+0 – One sided color print (the four basic secondary colors printers use are cyan, magenta, yellow and black)
4+4 – Two sided color print
0+0 – Unprinted

What is CMYK?

Every printer prints colors via the three basic secondary colors with black added. Every basic color printer has four toners containing:

  • C – cyan
  • M – magenta
  • Y – yellow
  • K – black

More advanced types have a wider scale on printable colors due to having more toners containing the lighter versions of the basic colors and sometimes direct ones which can hardly be mixed or can’t be mixed at all. Direct colors are out of the range of printable colors. They have a wide range of scales like Pantone and RAL.

Printable colors are a portion of what our eyes can see and one can only mix a limited number of colors. Special effects require special ink because they can’t be mixed out from the four basic colors like neon, metal, golden, silver and glistening ones.