We take quality responsibility solely on files sent in PDF format. Although we can print almost every file type, we don’t take CAD files due to version incompatibilities.

For achieving the best possible PDF quality please check on:

  • Typos
  • Print size
  • Boxes don’t overlap in printing view
  • To always make page contents centered if the document has more pages
  • Rare font types have to be inbedded
  • Pictures have to be in grayscale in black and white printing
  • Pictures have to be in CMYK without ICC profile in color printing
  • Transparency alters colors in printing, they need to be taken out before submitting
  • Graphics that have color at the side(s) need to be a bigger size than the actual cut size of the document
  • Document format saved from Acrobat Distiller need to be PDF/X-1a
  • Picture quality needs to be cranked up (75dpi is not printable)
  • Every page have to be the same size in documents with more pages or saved separately